Joy of Design


Joy of Design

Joy of Design began officially 3 years ago after much debate about how
to return to work after raising our children.  Although I have a
nutrition degree, I couldn’t reenter that field without upgrading my
schooling and I really wanted flexibility to maintain the family time
we have enjoyed all these years and so it was the suggestion of my
husband and daughter who led me to pick a business name and start a
Facebook and Instagram account and it has grown from there.  I really
love creating and always have enjoyed working with my hands and so it
was a natural fit to put what I was already doing for gifts and home
items into higher gear to start selling.  This job has created so much
more than I could have imagined.  I am passionate about hard work,
beautiful decor, reclaimed pieces, integrity, flexibility for family
and working in my giftedness and this job fits all of these categories
so well.

It has been through much hard work, learning from scratch, adventuring
to locations I’ve never been to purchase wood, calling tool shops to
figure out how to use or fix tools and being willing to take on
whatever challenge the day presents on the job.   It’s never boring
and I couldn’t be happier doing something else during this season of
my life.